Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Peace, Love and a Cornucopia of Double-Digit Wins

On this Thanksgiving Day Eve, I just wanted to extend some love and thanks to the world.

It's so easy these days to let events get high-jacked by commercial interests. Thanksgiving is one national event that I am thankful to be able to block out the corporate infiltration and the static noise that can build up over the course of time.

T-Day is a day for family and friends. A time to put down the blackberry, set aside the computer, cell phone and one dimensional spreadsheets, and take a nice, long, much needed, well-deserved deep breath amongst those closest to you.

It seems that life these days has an uncanny ability to slowly suck the joy out of being and this day of thanks allows us a respite, albeit brief, from the slow drip of looming monotony and gloom.

I'm thankful for being alive, healthy, and able to pursue a life that is challenging, fulfilling, enjoyable and full of endless curves of the unexpected.

It's what makes life, LIFE.

Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes its hard. And, sometimes it just plain sucks hard.

But sometimes it's not.

And that's LIFE.

Stepping away for a short-time and giving thanks can be extremely cathartic and undeniably healthy.

This is what I love about Thanksgiving. A day to catch up mentally.

I'm thankful for who I am and where I've been. I'm thankful for the way I was raised and the people I've met along the way.

I'm thankful for the warm sun (no more Portland winters for me!) and thankful for cool nights.

I'm thankful for every life experience I've had - both painfully difficult and amazingly simple or joyful.

I'm thankful for today and hopeful for tomorrow.

I'm thankful I'm not the Green Monkey.

I'm thankful I'm not the Green Monkey's Owner.

And, I'm thankful I'm not the guy who advised the Green Monkey's owner to purchase him!

I'll leave you with two final thoughts:

1) A line I came up with earlier in the week (and the subject of this post) that has caused much hubbub throughout my office:

"Peace, Love and a Cornucopia of Double-Digit Wins" (from the bottom of my heart)

2) A little music video of some boys having a good time. Feelin good and performing to the delight of many in 1997 and even today - 10yrs. later after they've thrown in the towel as a group. Giving the gift of music and helping all of us along on our respective journeys.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Click here for a bunch of guys having fun (if you reading on RSS)