Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordle TBA

Updated with Facts: ANOTHER new wager offered..

Not sure if this one was offered last year, I'm sure Alan would remember if there was.

Once again it is the NJSEA making a nice move out of the ordinary. Here are some highlights about the Hambeltonian/Haskell Daily Double wager to be offered this weekend:

(edited for this blog)

•Select winner of both the Hambletonian (Saturday, August 2 at Meadowlands Racetrack) and Haskell Invitational (Sunday, August 3 at Monmouth Park).

•Minimum wager is $2. $1 wheels available.

•New Jersey Racing Commission rules and regulations will apply.

•Takeout: Normal Daily Double takeout of 19%

•Wagering will cease with the start of the Hambletonian Final on Saturday, August 2 at approximately 2:43 p.m.

•Host Track: Meadowlands Racetrack

Although this won't change the world (of horseracing) it is nice to see brains working on alternative, attractive wagers for Players. Now if NYRA and others (including my company, but excluding Arlington who already does) would introduce $.50 trifecta's I would be VERY happy!

Funny though, I don't see it up on The Big M website as of 10:30pm Pacific time, Tuesday night. I could be missing it, but I would figure it would be a news story located under "News"?

UPDATE: Thanks to the headsup from Power Cap. Looks like this wager HAS been around for a few years. I still like the concept of this wager, though.