Monday, April 24, 2006

"I'm lovin' it...."

THIS is why I love the Internets.

Mr. Crist may not actually read Patrick's site on a daily basis, but I bet he WILL view this one.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tough week for me and others...

In 1991 FOX debuted a TV show called “Herman’s Head”. Somehow, my 15 year-old television saturated mind fell in love with this show which counted amongst its young, yet to be famous cast; Hank Azaria and Yeardley Smith.

A contributor on has put together a brief synopsis of the show which gives you a good idea about this show’s overall plot:
“Herman Brooks is an aspiring writer working as a fact-checker at a publisher. While dealing with life in the big city, his inner thoughts are played out by four characters representing his intellect, fear, compassion, and lust. His "outer world" consists of a trivia-trove boss, two female co-workers, one mouse-ish and the other a social-climbing bombshell, and a best friend who’s both a successful writer and a sexist pig”

The beauty of this show was how the viewer was able to literallywatch Herman’s head work out all of the moral dilemmas and difficult decisions each and every one of us has to face on a daily basis.

Unfortunately for me, I have recently been way too wrapped up in my own trials and tribulations to be able to enjoy my passions. My current job seems to at times suck all of the energy and pizzazz out of a once vibrant, fun, sometimes unpredictable existence. 40+ hours a week spent somewhere you really don’t want to be can have a severe negative effect on any creative output, and mine has been hit hard these past few weeks.

Unable to follow the past week’s comings and goings in the world of horseracing, the following are the only two horse related thoughts I came across all week. It took me until late Friday afternoon to see these two things:

1) “Bluegrass Cat's jockey injured, will miss Derby” (
2) “Jockey John Velazquez to miss Derby with shoulder, chest injuries” (

Finally, by 8 pm pt, I was able to understand the full impact of what had taken place in Thursday’s Forerunner Stakes at Keeneland by reading the myriad accounts of this awful event.

Coupled with my recent first time viewing of the Real Sports piece on the Jockeys Guild- filled with horrifying jockey spills- it is difficult to relay the amount of uncomfortably I had in my stomach reading each and every added detail of this story-photos included.

Compounded by the fact that the reprehensible Wayne Gertmanian is still fresh in my mind, all of these recent events add up to a disturbing inner feeling, leading to one uncomfortable horse racing fan.

As far as I go: This story is B-A-D for this sport.

Will it actually have any major impact on anything in the larger scope? Probably not. The Derby will still “sell out” with the maximum 20 entries and a rider will of course dutifully fill-in for Johnny V. The quest for the Triple Crown will go off as planned at 6:04 pm et and all our respective worlds will move on.

I’m fine with that. I just hope this sick feeling in my stomach goes away. I know it’s not just for the jockey. Thinking about that horse-and the many others before it- is just not sitting all that well with me right now.

-Emerald Downs opened for its 10th Anniversary season tonight. A 6pm (pt) post. I am looking forward to making AT LEAST(!) one visit there this year. For the first time ever, Emerald’s Ultimate Qualifying Tournament (for the DRF National Handicapping Tourney) will be asking for an entry fee. No complaints from me. Maybe this year I will be able to get in after being shut out for the past three years. If you’ve never been, Emerald is a really nice track set right at the base (ok, maybe a few miles off) of Mt. Rainier. For the East Coasters and Southern folks, that means a GIANT snow covered mountain just behind the first turn. Good times.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tough Weekend...

There has been A LOT of action over the past few days and I have been absent here on ye olde blog.

I did have many a words to put together following the weekends flurry of Derby action and other horse related matters that were all put on the way back burner when some (one?) lowlife(s) decided to kick in my basement door and ransack my house for $20 or $30 bucs for his/her meth habit.

Luckily, these a#$holes only got my super low end DVD/VCR combo player which cost me all of $50. However, as anyone who has ever been robbed (their home specifically) knows, it is more the violation you feel than the loss of material items.

Several hundred dollars later, my home is now just shy of Ft. Knox status, which is both good and bad. Who really wants to live in a constant state of lockdown? I am sure the uncomfortableness and minor paranoia will subside within a relatively short amount of time.

Between wheeling Storm Treasure up and down, while not ACTUALLY getting the bet in – costing me $300+ dollars- and having my house ransacked, it was not the best of times this past weekend.

All is well now, though it takes me three separate turns of the key to even step foot inside my own house.

My hockey team unleashed a furious “closing kick” to win the Atlantic Division and were rewarded with a seven-game series with those pesky Blueshirts. For more information (though biased as it may be) check out Alan’s Rangers blog.

For the worst piece of news I saw all day (except for those minor resignations and people losing their lives for $4.50/gallon gas) go HERE

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's about time

It’s about time THIS finally showed up on our radar screens. Our moles inside the industry had alerted US to this latest development in media coverage surrounding horse racing. The Daily Racing Form is usually right on in keeping up with the outside world in terms of media coverage—maybe only a half-step behind.

With the added possibilities of folks linking here because of JOHN, I felt it was a good time to update ye’ olde site. I did have a nice picture of a spring-butterfly in my profile, but that has changed (or will change whenever blogger feels like registering it).

I know I have been remiss in posting anything worthwhile regarding the Derby, but to tell you the truth, I am not that into the yearly speculation that is the Derby.

Don’t get me wrong, I am truly in love with the whole Derby concept-fastest two minutes in sports, etc.-but endless jibber-jabber and dosage references and blood lines and distance questions never quite captures my attention.

Added to that, I am not even sure I’ll be able to watch the Derby live this year. On the first Saturday in May I will be in New Orleans for JazzFest. Ironically, I will be at The Fairgrounds, normally a good place to catch a race on TV. However, I am not sure if while attending JazzFest at FG I will be able to catch the race live; or worse yet NOT EVEN PLACE A BET!!

I have placed an inquiry to Churchill Mgmt. Via the Fairgrounds WEBSITE, but have heard nothing yet. Needless to say, I will not be posting any selections or predictions for this year’s Derby until PP’s are drawn Derby week.

Again, don’t get me wrong, Derby day is truly a great day for horse racing and EVEN America in general. However, the Super Bowl-ish hype and buildup leading up to it (ranging anywhere from 1-365 days) does not interest me much. I leave that up to the PROS

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Not to be too heavy on Oregon-centric posts, but....

Remember the old Israel tourism commercials? "Come to Israel, come stay with friends..."

Well, I'm working on a new one for Oregon based on THIS.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Triple Crown Radio

Just in case you are stuck in traffic during one of the three Triple Crown races for 2006:

Westwood One To Broadcast Triple Crown Races
WESTWOOD ONE will carry coverage of thoroughbred racing's TRIPLE CROWN this year, starting with the 132nd KENTUCKY DERBY on MAY 6 and including the PREAKNESS on MAY 20 and BELMONT on JUNE 10. The coverage will include ten short-form vignettes throughout the week prior to each race, two hours of pre-race coverage the FRIDAY prior to each race, and 90 minutes of long-form coverage on race day.

Just biding my time

No posts over the last 8 days. Geeez. What a slacker. Got back from a few days of business in Seattle and now, back in Portland, I give you this tidbit of information: If you ever do make it to Portland, you MUST go HERE for lunch.

Yes, that is my pearl of wisdom for today.

THIS is only 31 days away and I have yet to make a peep about it. This will change soon, although don’t expect massive, in-depth coverage like you can find here, here, here, and here (and here).

In the meantime, keep yourself amused by doing whatever it is you find amusement in.


Aren’t those some true words of wisdom?