Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quote of the Day

From McGrupp:

"I only got two other Christmas cards... one from my broker in Boulder, CO and the other from an ex-girlfriend turned Jesus Freak. One just wants my money and the other thinks I'm a hedonistic sinner. I haven't figured out which one is which."

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Horseracing Film to Debut in May

I had the privilege of seeing the Hennegan Brothers amazing film, "The First Saturday in May" on Wednesday here in Tucson.

It has been said before in many places, but I will reiterate: This movie is absolutely fantastic and has the potential to reach the masses. I stopped counting the number of times I got the chills while watching at 6, and even welled up in the eyes a few times!

The producers/directors/filmakers Brad and John Hennegan, announced that they will be releasing the film via Mark Cuban's "Independent movie theaters" this April, hoping to piggy back off of the mainstream medias "Derby Freakout" period.

Here's the Bloodhorse story on it from today.

The brothers mentioned the film would be released in about 12 cities nationwide in April, leading up to a full DVD release sometime thereafter.

Here's some interesting information on the Mark Cuba/independent theater situation.