Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tough Weekend...

There has been A LOT of action over the past few days and I have been absent here on ye olde blog.

I did have many a words to put together following the weekends flurry of Derby action and other horse related matters that were all put on the way back burner when some (one?) lowlife(s) decided to kick in my basement door and ransack my house for $20 or $30 bucs for his/her meth habit.

Luckily, these a#$holes only got my super low end DVD/VCR combo player which cost me all of $50. However, as anyone who has ever been robbed (their home specifically) knows, it is more the violation you feel than the loss of material items.

Several hundred dollars later, my home is now just shy of Ft. Knox status, which is both good and bad. Who really wants to live in a constant state of lockdown? I am sure the uncomfortableness and minor paranoia will subside within a relatively short amount of time.

Between wheeling Storm Treasure up and down, while not ACTUALLY getting the bet in – costing me $300+ dollars- and having my house ransacked, it was not the best of times this past weekend.

All is well now, though it takes me three separate turns of the key to even step foot inside my own house.

My hockey team unleashed a furious “closing kick” to win the Atlantic Division and were rewarded with a seven-game series with those pesky Blueshirts. For more information (though biased as it may be) check out Alan’s Rangers blog.

For the worst piece of news I saw all day (except for those minor resignations and people losing their lives for $4.50/gallon gas) go HERE


alan said...

Congrats on the Devils division title. Mighty impressive indeed. It's a whole new season though now! Let's Go Rangers!!

Ruben Bailey said...

Yeah, good luck. Should be a great weekend of hockey.