Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ANOTHER Blogger Opinion on Recent Events

There's clearly not that much to say here about Barbaro. The world has covered the story about as thoroughly as possible.

If you click on this link, you can see the 500+ YouTube "projects" there are on the popular equine - some better than others. I watched the Derby win and the Preakness breakdown. I'm actually not sure which one elicited more emotion for me. The sheer beauty and sport of a HUGE Derby win, or the drama and confusion surrounding the events of the Preakness. Either way it is sad and for me, of all the stories, hyperbole and mourning that's gone on over the past 36 hours, this line, penned by Andy Beyer, highlighted at Equidaily.com sums up the situation perfectly for me:
But even for the most hardened racetrackers, the death of Barbaro yesterday was a painful and depressing loss.
One final note here. It was great to see Jane Smiley's take, originally published in the Washington Post get front page action over at HuffingtonPost. I appreciate the mainstream placement and attention Arianna and her staff gave the story.


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