Saturday, October 27, 2007

BC Saturday Selections (Just Avg.)

Race 4: Juve - #9 Smarty Deb
Race 5: Juve Fillies - #12 Salute the Sarge
Race 6: FM Turf - #9 Danzon
Race 7: Sprint - #7 Idiot Proof
Race 8: Mile - #13 Excellent Art
Race 9: Distaff - #9 Teammate
Race 10: Turf - #3 Better Talk Now
Race 11: Classic - #1 Lawyer Ron

Good luck and have fun!!


Anonymous said...

Um, dude, you went 0 for the card. Might be time to give it up!

Ruben Bailey said...

Techincally, you are correct (about no winners), however, although I posted Domestic Fund as my pick on Fri., I did not bet him- went to Nownownow and actually DID have a winner.

Please chill out on the "give up". Obviously you know nothing about playing the horses with that lame-ass comment.

bookie buster said...

Those are the exact same people who play the lottery because "they have to win" LMAO At least with a horse race it is a one in 12 chance :)

That loser doesnt realize even the "pro" handicappers only win about 30% of all wagers. i havent had a "day" job in years off that 30% win margin :)