Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A New Wager Debuts This Weekend

I didn't see a mention of this anywhere yet this week, so I thought I would get the press rolling with some tidbits on the new "Sixty Minute 6" wager brought to you by the NJSEA.

-The wager begins this Saturday covering six races from four different tracks.
-All six races will take place within an hour - usually about 3:30pm Eastern - 4:30pm Eastern
-The wager is planned to be held every Saturday through Aug. 30th
-$2 min. wager
-1st week guaranteed pool of $100,000
-25% takeout rate

You can get the full details at the official Sixty Minute 6 website right here.

My thoughts:
-I like new wagers
-I like old wagers with smaller minimums better
-I guess I'm not officially sure who is hosting this wager as there are NJ wagering rules enforced, but Philly Park seems to be laying claim to the website development
-I'm thinking the pool might hit $300k this first weekend
-God move for them to only commit to guaranteeing the first weekend wager - we'll see how it goes.
-I like racetrack partnerships. I think the future success of the sport hinges on cooperation from all tracks working together more and more.

Very interested to hear your thoughts...
Playing it?
Staying away?
Love it?
Hate it?


qq said...

As someone who enjoyed playing the National Pick 4, I was thrilled to hear about this. It seems to me that some great TV programming could revolve around this kind of thing, whether the races included in the Sixty Minute 6 are maiden claimers or graded stakes. In fact, such a program might be more interesting than the fare we get with "big" race days. I'd love to hear a few of the national 'cappers talk about how they approach the wager, offer us some info on the participating tracks, and yes, a few human interest stories would be fine, too. Of course, it might be a licensing nightmare, but hey, I can dream of a weekly multi-track show, can't I?

Sports Haven said...

Connecticut Off-Track Betting is taking the wager, and so far the feedback has been good. I think fans are always looking for unique wagers that make sense.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that it is a $1 base wager instead of $2. However; I no longer play multiple tracks, so I would find it difficult to handicap the races trying to keep a handle on how the various tracks are playing that day myself. I think it would be an excellent type wager for a group buy-in though, so you could spread in races with large fields. I was tempted to join in, but common sense prevailed saving me $$. It does give one pause though when you read that a $12 play took down the Delmar P6. Today, the tracks try to make the race sequences very tough with large fields and wide open affairs. I played in the old days when there was a natural sequence of races, instead of them trying to make carryovers with the races they put together in a sequence. I'd rather feel I have a good shot at a $20,000. payoff than a $500 K carryover thats setup to pretty much guaarantee a very large payoff. I'm not impressed with that, so I keep my wallet in my pocket and play where I have a good feel and opinion than taking futile stabs.

Anonymous said...

I like to concentrate on one circuit...so I think for me it would be like throwing money away (or playing lotto!)

Gambling Horse Fan said...

Like it a lot. Big Horse fan. Thanks for the blog posts.


Gambling Horse Fan said...

I'm bookmarking this one.