Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A story only a horseplayer could love...

So there I was stuck in a late November Portland downpour. Smack dab in the center of downtown P-town at about 1:45 delivering some RFP for "The Man."

When I emerged from my delivery, I realized I was one short block away from the OTB I usually visit.

"Hey," I thought, "I'm so close, I know it's Tuesday, it is probably closed, but I'll just walk by and see what's up."

When I get there, the place is basically deserted except for the degenerates of the degenerate crowd-all three of them. The only races on the screen were Turf Paradise and Beulah. TP (which I love) had what looked like a competitive race with double digit runners and no clear favorite. The only problem was that post was about 12 minutes away. Too long for my visit.

But wait...BAM!! Good ole' Beulah park was 0 MTP so I pulled up a chair and shook off the excess rain drops.

Looking at the tote board, I notice the 6 (turns out its Halo de Oro) is 1-5. The 9 (turns out its Slew City Max) goes off at 5-1.

The bell sounds (I guess it was a bell, there was no sound in the joint. And as a sidebar, for some reason all of the tote-machines were shut-off for the day, that's how slow it was!)

Anyway, the 6 jumps out to a first-quarter lead in like 22.4 and is starting to look huge as they get to the they get around the turn, the 6 starts to completely freak out. I could see all that well, but it looked like the jockey was completely pulling the horse up due to injury or maybe equipment malfunction. The 6 (who actually went off at .20-1) is just being yanked backwards ad to the outside as 4 other horses-led by second favorite Slew City Max-continue to pass on by.

I remarked out loud "Jeez, folks are gonna be pissed. 1-5 and he breaks down/gets pulled up."

Well wouldn't you know, just as the 9 starts to turn for home looking like an extremely lucky winner, the 6 comes roaring back. Down the stretch, about a dozen paths out from the rail, the 6 absolutely runs away with the race winning by what Equibase says was 2 1/4, but really looked (and felt) like more.

The point of my story is this...if there is some system available to you all out there....go out and watch the 9th race from Beulah Park. You will be amazed and I think thoroughly entertained. You can also let me know if you see anything that gives more indication than just "bolted approaching stretch"-as per Equibase.

I think you will find this $5K claiming race to be pretty enjoyable.

  • 9th Race Chart from Beulah Park 11/29/05

    Teaman said...

    Greetings...Great story about Beaulah's 5K clmg. It reminded me of some of the things I've observed in the distant past at Suffolk Downs and the Marshfield Fair.
    You want to talk about "shakey" races. There was nothing like the fairs that ran in Mass. Back in the 80's The "Mob" was heaily vested in all things gambling.
    The less oversight and regulation the better. And the fairs were "ripe for the pickin". Horses juice to the gills,dropping dead mid-race,.. sedated so much they'd be litteraly staggering on their way to the gate. Jockeys whipping EACH OTHER down the stretch.. jocks standing up and leaning so far back to whoah their horse
    ( cuz "the boys" dictated "Don't W or else..") you'd swear they were going to roll off the horses back! It was GREAT!!! To watch that is. If you weren't "In the know" didn't stand a chance of making any $$$ unless it was blind luck. have a video cam back then... I could have had my own show on the Comedy Network.

    Keep posting..I love your site!

    Jolene said...

    there had better be a post b-day extravaganza report here! ;)

    Ruben Bailey said...


    There DEFINITELY will be.

    I have to send out one semi-personal email before I can start posting again, but the first post (no pun intended) will be post party!!