Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back again. Oooh these pesky hiatuses (sp?)

Yes, it's been a while since I've posted here. Most of this "slackedness" has been due to an increasingly busy schedule in my life.

Nonetheless, through following such fantastic blogs like Alan's over at Left at the Gate (linked below)
  • Left At the Gate

  • and Jolene at Oregon Racing:
  • Oregon Racing

  • I have been able to keep up with everyone's happenings and goings ons.

    As I am about to board a Sunday evening train for Seattle (where I'll be for the next 30 hours) I want to give some quick highlights of what I am going to address here at Your Avg. horseplayer in the next few days.

    1) Review/recap of "Laughing in the Hills"-which I FINALLY finished. Editor's note:The long-ish amount of time it took me to complete this ______ book (yeah, wait for the review!) had NOTHING to do with its content.

    2) My recent purchase of Sirius Sattelite Radio (and a one-year sub).

    3) My birthday party held yestedray in the Turf Club at Portland Meadows....

    4) Thoughts on the Derby (this past Saturday was EXACTLY four months until the first Saturday in May!)


    Teaman said...

    Hey Rueben,
    Congrats on getting the Sirius Sat. Radio...but please don't say it's just so you can listen to Howard Stern..:)
    If so that's cool..I've had Sirius for well over a year now and it's great! I'm sure I'll tune into Howie also..I hope his commercial breaks are shorter tho. But since you're a member of the T B MUST check out CH.125 from 4-7 PM (EST)...1-4 PM your time?? Mon.-Fri and listen to At The Races and Beyond. It's hosted by JJ Gracie (who was a trainer on the East Coast for yrs.) + Samm (who's real name is Anita..don't know where Samm fits in)
    It's 3 hrs.a day about all things horse racing. They have guests that include owners,trainers, vets, DRF columnists, race secrateries, jockeys, track mngmt people, breeders, etc. I think it's great,I try to listen every day (If I get back from the track in time) You can call in and comment or ask a ? to a leading trainer or whoever the guest may be. It's easy to get thru too..I call all the time. Their studio is somewhere overlooking Gulfstream. They usually broadcast the feature race from there Live at some point during the show. Check it out..I think you'll enjoy it.

    Ruben Bailey said...

    Hey T,

    I DID get Sirius just for Howard, BUT I will say that I am so absolutely in love with the all of the other glorius (commercial free) content. From Bowl games, to the Jam Channel, et. al I absolutley am in love and will never go back to terrestrial. I do have some marketing and usability issues that I will get into later in the week here at Avg. Horseplayer, but overall I am in love!!

    As far as the "At the Races Show", I read your post over at Left at the Gate and immediately looked up the schedule times for Sirius' horse racing shows and found exactly what you said....M-F 4-7 est on CH. 125.

    Thanks for the headsup.

    Teaman said...

    OK Rueben...I confess. I DID listen to the whole show Monday and about 2 hrs. today on Howard 100. I'm thrilled that there's virtually NO comms.!! I was under the impression there would be some..but not those 15 minute stretches when he was on regular radio. But I'll be tuning in..while some of the more deviant topics get a little too bizarre for my tastes, I find the "shock value" to be wierdly entertaining. Artie Lang is my favorite. When he interjects with some of his side comments, he makes me laugh out loud. That sucker made me spit a mouthfull of coffee all over my dining room table this AM. I forget what it was he said, but it triggered my "Laugh reflex" just as i was taking a sip of coffee. SPLASH...all over.. I missed my Weds. racing form tho..which was good. But yeah...satelite radio is the only way to go and the wave of the future. So what if you have to pay $13 a month. To me it's a bargain not to have to listen to the barrage of commercials that "free" radio has.

    Hey..I started a blog thing called Rockin'+ Racin'. Check it out if you get a chance. I believe that should get you there. But i could be mistaken on that URL. My internet capabilities are much like my handicapping skills...woefully inadequate.

    Ruben Bailey said...

    Yeah T-Man,

    Artie is HIGH-larious for sure.

    I used to see him hangin out at the bar in Hoboken and he would just be slumped over sloshed at the bar all of the time!

    His story/rise to stardom is retty cool. He basically got his first big break faxing in jokes to Norm McDonald (When he was SNL's news anchor). Norm kept using Arties faxed in joes, and was finally like, who is this guy? He called him up and they struck up a partnership, wrote Dirty Work...and the rest is semi-history!