Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hey Action Fiends...

Courtesy of Dave Tuley via DRF.com, here are some of the first futures odds for next years Super Bowl:

Colts 5-2
Pats 10-1
Chargers 10-1
Steelers 12-1
Seahawks 14-1
Bengals 15-1
Broncos 15-1
Chiefs 15-1

(Courtesy of Las Vegas Hilton)

"Hurry, hurry, hurry....step right up and place your bets."


Teaman said...

Take the Patriots @ 10-1. If they get by Denver + Indy THIS year..they will beat whoever the NFC rep is and 10-1 will be great value compared to the odds that get posted after 2/5/06.
Either way..when you have Tom Brady Adam Vinateri Willie McGinest Richard Seymour Tedy Bruschi Mike Vrabel (of 6 receptions for 6 TD fame..)Deion Branch Bill Belichick, all of should be back in 2006.. and a host of other quality players I'd say that makes 10-1 a pretty fair wager.
The days of the Pats getting 75-1 pre-season odds like in 2001 when they crushed the Rams (@+14 pts. on game day to boot..) are long gone my frieds.

Ruben Bailey said...

I think I would feel ok with $20 on the Giants. Eli with a playoff shelacking under his belt, and a p.o.-ed Tiki Barber....They may only be a year away, but it could be worth it

Teaman said...

With all due respect Rueben..I'm not sold on Eli Manning. While he was pretty gracious in defeat, in taking the blame and (one of the few) not pointing fingers..I M O he just doesn't have the "Stuff".
Plus I just don't see the "TEAM" concept in the Giants. Granted, they don't get much sympathy from the caustic N Y media (not that they deserved much this weekend) but all the finger pointing that's going on amongst team mates this week is atrocious. They remind me of a disfunctional family where the kids blame the parents and vise versa for being such fuck ups. They need to take a page from the N E Pats on how to create a team concept. You'll NEVER hear the Pat's bashing each other. They ALL step up to the plate and take blame after a bad game..even when it's not a certain players fault. Early this year after losing coordinaters Romeo Crennel and Charly Weiss and all stars Rodney Harrison,Tedy Bruschi, Matt Light and others...I wouldn't have given you a plugged nickle that they'd make the playoffs. But low and behold..here they are. They struggled to get to 4-4 in the 1st 1/2 of season. Not once did they point fingers, blame inj's, or throw in the towel. I'm not sure the N Y Giants and many others will attain that level of excellence in the near future.

Along those lines, the team who's really impressed me this year in raising their standard of excellence...is right there in your neck of the woods!
And flying completely under the radar I might add...the Seattle Seahawks!! I love Matt Hasselback (Bost.Col alumni) and think their O-Line is the best in the NFL right now (Yes..even better than the Colts). What's the buzz like up in the N-West?? I've got a write-up on my spot over at http://rockandrace.blogspot.com on why the Seahawks are my best pick this weekend. Are you a Seattle fan?? What's your take on the game this weekend?

Ruben Bailey said...

To keep it brief...I am actually going to Sat.'s game vs. the Skins.

As I told my friend who is going to the game with me....put the deed to the house on the Seahawks

I do enjoy the Seahawks a little bit. I mean they are hard to hate. They get a little burn down here in Portland, but they are smokin hot up in Seattle. I am looking forward to seeing my first game at the stadium (although Seahawks/Giants would have been MUCH better!)

Decent points on the Giants/Pats, but I don't see the "in-fighting" to be such a big deal. All anyone talks about is how professional this giants team was-from Coughling, to Strahan, etc. Yes, Tiki semi-outed the coach, but I think everyone knows that what he siad is partially true. I think NY fans are saavy enogh to know that the main rerason the Giants loss was due to a depleted linebacking crew and an amazing jobn by John Fox and his squad. IMO I wouldnt claim Coughlin got outcoached, Fox just did an amazing job exposing the Giants' weaknesses.

Not sure I can take the Pats +3...although it is a game I would def. stay away from.

However, I strongly feel the Seahawks blow out the Skinks...

Teaman said...

Rueben..Enjoy the "blowout" today!
Playoff football... LIVE..Awesome! I'm happy for you. I'll be happy for ME too if (I mean WHEN) the Seahawks cover the 9 1/2 pts.
A bit more than I'd like to "give"... but I'm confident.
I had grand plans to take a trip to the Big A today but it's raining like a bastard and the prospect of taking a 3+ hr. ride to get soaked watching horses slop around in the mud..has forced a change in plans. I guess you have a bit of a rain problems as well...like 21 days worth??? Sheesh..
Looks like another "Simulcast Sat." for me...where I lose my ass on the ponies and have to rely on my football bets to re-coup. Oh well...Have a blast as the Seahawks swoop down and scalp the Redskins!