Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sunshine Millions- Filly and Mare Turf (Race 5 from Santa Anita)

So I’ve only perused my contemporaries sites to see who’s picked what for tomorrow’s Sunshine Millions.

Blogger extraordinaire Alan at Left at the Gate hasn’t made any selections, so I figure I am still alive- I will post my first picks in a long time:

I have only had time to tout one race for tomorrow’s action and it is Race 5 at Santa Anita-The Filly and Mare Turf.

I am never one to bet chalk, and this race is no exception. Too many nice looking horses rounding into what looks to be prime shape.

My top pick is #10 Beneficial Bartok. I love the increasing beyers from her three previous races (all turf) and can easily throw out her last effort which was a sprint on very “soft” dirt. The biggest draw back is jockey D. Cohen is having a rough go of it this meet at SA. Oh well, I never lie to get TOO thrown off by the jockey situations.

I am torn for the place position, but I am leaning towards the #4, Midwife. Second off a layoff, with a 24% trainer as well as 68% 2nd off the layoff stat that I love. Russell Baze rides.

Other place horses that I like include the #5 First Draft, #3 Allbow and #8 Dancing General.

I like the #10 to win and hooking her up in an exacta with #3, #4, #5, #8.

If you are forcing me to pick three in order it would be: 10-4-5.

The race goes off at 5:05 pm est on NBC. I will be in my basement checking on my dryer vent with at least one-eye on the tele.


Tote Board Brad said...

I think you should get in on a PM horse. I bet you can do it really cheaply--less than a few hundred bucks up there. And, the training fees are probably much less.

Casually chat up one of the many trainers you know at the track, and if you don't know that many trainers, clearly you're not spending enough time at the track.

Lastly, when does the weather get better up there? I want to pop up before the meet is over.

Ruben Bailey said...

I think I SHOULD too!! I have informed the significant other that I would like to do that. That is never an easy task, especialy with a new house. Hoping to have some finances in order in a few months to make that happen.

The last weekend of live racing is May 6 and 7. I guess that makes April the ony viab time to beat the rain. It basically doesn't stop consistently raining until late June early July!!

Anonymous said...

you should get in on a horse, its great fun, and can be done pretty cheaply, my friend/trainer Ben Root will usually accomodate anyone who wants in, as long as they buy atleast 10 percent of a horse. And he's gonna start loading up for emerald soon, let me know if you want more info.