Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I will be here...
  • Jazz Fest is on

  • for the first weekend in May. Yes, your Avg Horseplayer will be enjoying a nice little bachelor party the second weekend of Jazz Fest-Derby Weekend!!

    I was thinking the other day- Is it going to be possible to be enjoying the sites and sounds of the some of the greatest jazz musicians and festival atmosphere one-minute, then just walk a few hundred yards inside the Fairgrounds (Clubhouse Level) and watch the greatest 2 minutes in sports?

    Some friends of mine are nervous about the conditions of New Orleans and if heading down south is such a god idea at this point. I just keep telling them, we will see how Mardi Gras goes. That will be that city's first big test-welcoming thousands and thousands of revelers.

    I for one, don't care. It makes me feel good to feel like I am helping to support the rebuilding of the community down there.

    The last time I was down at Jazz Fest in 2004, I never did make it to the actual Fairgrounds. I am excited to experience that part of the celebration AND hopefully place a small wager and watch the Derby.


    Tote Board Brad said...

    Heh, I was at Fest in '04 for the 2nd weekend. It was fabulous. The only down side was that you could not place a wager at the Fairgrounds during Fest. You had to go to an OTB, or use an online or telephone wagering service.

    Ruben Bailey said...

    Was there the first weekend that year-supposedly a little less hectic. That won't be the case this year. Actually it is a b-party for my frined from The Bay. He writes for Jambase.

    Of course when I was down there I found the Harrah's blackjack tables at some ridiculous hour of the day!!

    Had no idea there would be a casino within walking distance of Burbon Street.