Friday, February 03, 2006

The Big XL

I’ve been chomping at the bit all day to finally grab a few minutes to post. There are a number of interesting, important topics that I really want to touch on, but those will have to wait (they should still be timely by the time I get a few minutes).

#1 on my list though, is to make my official XL prediction. I just love the way that looks and sounds: SB XL-The young, supposedly overrated, expansion franchise in its first SB appearance, vs. the storied, mid-west, nation loving Steelers.

Blah, blah, blah I’ve only read about 1/3 of the stories emanating out of Detroit over the past week. It is just so annoying to me to have to try and live through two weeks of inane babble and artificial build-up. Even Bill Simmons’ column today failed to elicit my usual giddiness. His column did have some humorous bright spots, but having the 5 top storylines that weren’t covered, just bored me to tears. The lone bright spot was this line, where Simmons is talking about Shaun Alexander’s free agent opportunities:

"So why would Alexander possibly want to leave a very good team with a great offensive line for a shaky team with a shaky offensive line? Sure, he makes extra money in the short term, but what happens 10 months from now, when he's averaging 3.3 yards per carry, fighting off the aftereffects of 20 gang-tackles a game, and dealing with the collective animosity of 25,000 pissed-off fantasy owners? He's going to be using that extra $2 million for Vicodin, booze and psychiatric care. That's what happens. Watching Alexander this week, I feel like I'm watching David Caruso during those last few episodes before he left "NYPD Blue" to make "Jade." I hope he reconsiders."

Any Caruso "post-NYPD Blue" references make my day!!

So, onto the game: Prediction: Tails-Tails is the even money favorite (vs. –105 for heads).

OTHER prediction: Seattle 27 Pittsburgh 21- My money says it’s so. Yes, I do feel a little bias going on in my own pick. I have been more and more swayed that the Steelers are by far the better team by reading all of the hype promoted by East Coast media.

I certainly give major credence to Pitt’s unbelievable run on the road vs. the AFC’s best to get here. I also do have some feeling that Washington and Carolina were not top-notch opponents. Furthering my diminishing confidence in the Seahawks as straight-up winners is this stat: (courtesy of Simmons): The NFC stunk all season. Just look at the interconference matchups: The six AFC playoff teams went 20-4 against the NFC; the six NFC playoff teams went 9-11 against the AFC

Nonetheless, I am sticking with the Seahawks to show the rest of the country that they are for real. I am thinking it is going to be an amazing game, exciting and throughly entertaining-proving all cureent naysayers completely wrong.

I will be at a house party with a screen larger than 55” (with a free keg provided by the local beer distirbutor). Come and get me NFL.

For a professional writer’s take, someone who has put this whole game into what I feel is a pretty accurate summation, (which I JUST read about 9/10 of the way through this post) check out Dave Tuley’s column from todays form:
  • A Real Writer Breaks Down XL

  • I hope everyone enjoys The Donn, The Strub, and Sunday’s Fiesta. For once, I may just enjoy the pregame musical festivities. How can you not LOVE Stevie?

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