Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pick-6 Update

UPDATE: I DON'T F-ING belive this!! Looks like two fools actually hit this thing!! $2 payouts were $352,167..congrats to whoevr had it. Looks like the Pick-6 pool hit around 1.4 million. Looks like my prediction was way off and folks really do love this bet.
Editor's Note: This is where I would like a little more in-depth reporting. Let's find out who exactly won this thing and what thier story is. Is it a group ticket? Or a professional gambler? I would like to see the horse media step-up a little bit and take a piece of reporting 101 form our own Brad and give us more than the standard, "The two tickets were purchased via through OTB hubs in Maine and South Dakota. Blah, blah. In my best Dennis Hopper Easy Rider imitation...."Give us some story line maaaan"
UPDATE: (4:15pm pst)-Looks like another favorite bites the dust... (5.90-1) Ameridar outlasts the field. NO WAY anyone has this ticket

(4:06pm pst) - Yes, you all probably know there is a nice sized carryover here on the left coast...

However, what you probably didn't realize was that after only the first three legs of today's card there have been two pretty major upsets.....

3rd Race: Favorite (2.10-1) Valenzuela up.
4th Race: 10 horse field, third-highest odds on the board (22.90-1) takes this 6.5 furlong claimer. Favorite under Gomez finished 3rd nearly 2 back of winner ridden by super-hot apprentice Ochoa
5th Race: 9 horse field. Second highest odds on the board (18.10-1) Proud Suzett wins going away by 4. Afore mentione "super-hot" Gomez rides favorite "2nd Best"

Not sure if everyone involved is already knocked out, but I would not be surprised if there were a minimal number of tickets still alive.

I can already hear the Racing Forms' flying off the shelves.

Prediction: carryover for tomorrow will be.....$635,236. Please feel free to chime in with your guess. We'll play Price is Right rules, closest without going over......

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