Friday, February 24, 2006

Lunchtime Celeb Sighting in P-Town...

Although not the biggest of deals, it was quite exhilarating to stumble into Wally Sczcerbiak of the Boston Celtics this afternoon on my way to lunch. It is quite rare to bump into many celebs in this town. Of course, people are stopping through here in tours and speaking engagements all the time, but they usually frequent places that I don’t usually go to. So what a surprise it was for me to hang a quick right out of my building and to come upon a surprisingly huge white man in a black sweat suit with red high-top Nike sneaks.

It’s amazing how many thoughts rush through your head in what feels like an eternity. IT was quite probably three or four seconds from the first time I noticed him until the time he actually passed me by, but the thoughts they were a ragin’! “What do I say? Is it him? Is it really him? What does his sweatshirt say? Oh, Celtics. But he is on Minnesota. No, wait he got traded. Yeah, that looks like him. Oh he’s on the phone”…poof gone!

Wally does have some more personal resonance with me as he is a Long Island native who is from the same hometown as a college teammate of mine. I also have several friends who had played against him in high school.

Anyway, it was nice to have that kind of unexpected rush in the middle of the day. It’s quite funny to think that when I lived in NY I don’t think I “spotted” one celebrity (although I worked amongst many). Not such a big deal, but one I needed to share.

No horses for me this weekend. Funds are too low, but I will of course be following all of the action. Just found out that I will be headed to LA on the weekend of March 9th. A plan to visit Santa Anita is already on the books. Whether we will visit the horsies on Saturday or Sunday is still up for discussion. It will be my first time for both.

In case you don’t know, here is a link to Wally’s bio/stats:

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