Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's only been three days

Leave it to me to post my Belmont follow-up some 72+ hours after the conclusion.
I got to watch the Belmont – like the Preakness – via TiVO, so I was able to FF through the commercials and seemingly endless Barbaro package pieces.

I think a big kudos to ABC for their coverage. Using Jerry Bailey to talk about in depth, picture-perfect intricacies like the starting gate, is a major plus. Throw in a little Hammerin Hank and some wise cracks from Kenny Mayne, and you’ve got yourself a little broadcast.

No one is better than Costas, but he always feels a little misplaced doing the horses. Tom Hammond knows his stuff, but his face–jobs/make-up deal always leave me a bit unsettled. I’ll take a hyperbolic, somewhat aged Brent Musberger any day!!

As far as touting and the result goes…. I am fine with the result. I never would have had Jazil, as I had given up on him a few weeks prior and I had ZERO interest in investing any of my hard earned cash in Bluegrass Cat.

Que sera, sera, I guess.

My next major touring efforts will be a July 4th weekend visit (or two) to Monmouth Park in New Jersey (the shore to be exact) and then the DRF Handicapping Tourney at Emerald Downs on July 30th. My friend Red and I have two entries that we are sharing – he being in NY, me at Emerald Downs. Let’s see how that works out!! If you want to read a cool story about my friend, Red, click here – it’s from Sunday’s New York Times so you have to register, but it’s FREE!!

-Do yourself a favor and check out THIS movie ASAP.

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drop me a line when you're at Monmouth.