Sunday, June 04, 2006

"State of a state. State of a state of a union..."

It seems like it’s been a quiet weekend of horseracing. A final lull before the final leg of the Triple Crown.

Soon all the mainstream media who come to the backstretch, the front stretch, or the breeding farms from about the first week in May until the 2nd or 3rd week of June, will go back to their boring world of everyday sports writing. Drumming up stories where there were none to begin with will not cease, it will only spread slowly to where these writers feel most comfortable or feel they are needed most. The College World Series, the World Cup, NFL pre-season (ugh) and yes, maybe even a FEW will go on to Edmonton or North Carolina for the National Curling Championships.

Stay tuned here, to the RACING UNDERWOLRD to feel the pain, frustration, anger, adulation, joy and excitement of the REAL horseracing world. Reading right here, right now, you will find the passion and strength of honesty and conviction that this sport needs to expand and grow, infiltrating the consciousness of this country's sprots minds.

Horse racing is not going anywhere. It is too big financially to ever disappear (SYNIC!!). However, if the Fran Magnas and Donald Trumps of the world don’t wise up, the power and influence that they have become so used too, will implode from beneath their feet like Crater Lake some 7,700 years ago.

It is here where the creative ideas stir in a cauldron of love and devotion, that the future of this great game lies.

In the coming days, don’t believe the hype about how uninteresting or boring the Belmont Stakes. Don’t believe the nay sayers who will call out Barbaro’s unfortuanteness and demand the game be done-for.

This can be a glorious time in the fabulous world of horseracing. We are currently running behind the eight-ball that is popular consciousness, common sense and mainstream media’s short-sidedness.

The future is bright. The industry needs to take its blinkers off and clean out the blue-blood. You don’t have to get rid of it, just flush it out like a dialysis machine and bring it back in to your system with a fresh outlook – maybe a little more indigo?


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A manifesto of sorts....I like

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