Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm not one who normally talks about this stuff..

but it is too good, and I felt it needed to be shared.

From this week's Willamette Week newspaper:

CAPRICORN:(that's me)
"If you were at the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert right now, you might be racing your souped-up tricycle through a miniature golf course-style maze while dressed in a superhero costume, after which you'd enjoy a sushi dinner served on the naked belly of a good-looking clown. Or maybe you'd be exploring the benefits of of a short duration marriage to a temporary soulmate selected for you by a seven-year old girl deity sittin gon a neon green plastic throne surrounded by a circle of flame. Since you're probably not at Burning Man, however, you've got to find other ways to carry out your astrological mandate, which is to enjoy semi-crazy acts of liberation you'd normally never try."

If you're reading this and thinking about making a seemingly difficult decision whether or not to trust your job with this blog, I urge you to take the chance - whether you are a Capricorn or not.

Blogs are differnet and new, (especially in this industry) therefore they possess an heir of uncertainty that leads to some uncomfortableness. The internets are here. We have long passed since Web 1.0 and are rapidly approaching Web 2.0. I am perched atop my high-horse asking for a chance to lead this sport, the game we all love to the top of the 21st century. With a devoted pack closely behind, supporting this movement, the risk you may see now as gigantic, will prove to be nothign when paired with the unlimited potential gains lying there for the taking.

I will get to this issue later on tonight.

Now, onto cheap sushi for this evenings meal.

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