Saturday, August 05, 2006

s please.....

Where can I sign up for the Sue Broux fanclub? That girl sure does know how to stir some shit. Done right, too. Texas style.

In the meantime, we just keep growing. I am loving how some of these long-distance relationships are translating into real world success for participation.

If you haven't already, please welcome:

Can't Wait for the Inner

Hey Rob!! Welcome. As easy as it is to hate Aqueduct, some of my favorite handicapping days have come in the 2nd floor deli spent with my mentor, explaining the intricacies of touting. It used to be so great to look at the horses (pp's). Bullshit. Watch the race. Bullshit some more. Then, delve right back into the paper.

Mmmmmmm, corned beef sandwich and a black cherry soda - just one of those unique "Senses" memories we all strangely have. Aqueduct has that different feel than Belmont does. It is a comfortable track to stay inside and enjoy the races. Which doesn't necessariy mean it's nice overall...but, hey it's The Big A!

It's great to have one of my favortie bloggers, and local celebrity on-board. I know Jayson has been posting some really cool stuff for some time, and it is even cooler that he has finally decided to join our little gang.

I believe Jason is a good example of how this game needs us young, interent saavy folks. The game need's some more creativity - added value as they say. Yes, the game is run by money, but people who have money always like to have more. Why can't we all do our part to participate in improving the track as a place to have fun? Which it is!! We just have to tell more folks about it and faclitte ther initiation.

I'll close with this off of Craig Newmark's blog:

"...I feel that professional and citizen journalism are converging, merging their strengths. Professional journalism tends to involve professional editing and factchecking; citizen journalists frequently have the courage to speak truth to power."