Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Lane's End Day at Polyway Park

But of course, I've got something else to share...

A great article (link will probably expire in 10 days, so check it out NOW) featuring my local track AND a fellow blogger who should be enroute to River Downs as we speak.

And btw, I'm not sure if anybody's covered this yet, but how cool is this story from the DRF (written by the world famous Dave Tuley):

"Well, Mark Dufty, race and sports book director at Jerry's Nugget in North Las Vegas, has a way to take a little bit of the sting out of that possibility. Starting this past Wednesday, Dufty put up his future book with a 25 percent refund if the horse on your ticket doesn't run in the race."


QQ said...

What a nice piece! And what a great story about that blogger Up On the Roof!

suebroux said...

Thanks for linking the piece from the Oregonian ... it's a real great story. (But those weasels are trying to get me to register to read more!) You folks up in the Pacific NW of our great land have such wonderful enthusiasm about your tracks, i.e., Portland Meadows and Emerald Downs.

Also, thanks for the 'Polyway' attribution!