Monday, September 10, 2007

I love horses and I love horse racing. I love being involved in this crazy business.

Sometimes, however, one needs to expand horizons.

The following are some pics of expanded horizons (don't get me started on Teuflesberg, one of our BCFL stables' draft steals could have earned us some needed points at Turfway. Good thing we've got Lawyer Ron...)

The Big House - EMPTY

The Big House - Full (109,733)

I think that's officially called "maize"

If you "click to enlarge" you'll see the score: Oregon 39 Michigan 7


Autzen Stadium - Eugene, Ore. (good seats on the field)

Qwest Field (Seattle, Wash.) - Empty

Qwest Field - Full

Qwest Field w/ dt Seattle in background (I feel like I took the same exact shots last year!)

Beautiful Hood River, Ore.

A blurry Stevie Wonder (if he comes near your town, fork over the shekels, it's way worth it)

Mongolian Grill

Dancing Nancie


wendyu said...

Go Blue! :) It's gonna be a long season this year...

Karol said...

That chick's hot. You are lucky she let you take her picture. Did she bribe you with some food?

Ruben Bailey said...

mmmmm Pulled Pork.....