Friday, October 14, 2005

Feels like a good Friday...

Just an absolute flurry of activity going on in the world of thoroughbred blogging…

I think I’ll start by bringing up a new, friendly rivalry with a “new” blogger known as JB, you can find JB’s (Jon Breslin) thoroughbred blog here:
  • Jon Breslin's T-bred Blog

  • Jon has taken several issues with the newly created Thoroughbred Bloggers Association:
  • T-Bred Bloggers Band Together..Makes too much sense

  • ....and most notably, TBA “member” Patrick, who created the HOY system you find on the pages of the seven TBA participants. If you have the time, check out both JB and Patrick’s blogs as they pose interesting, compelling, well-thought out complaints and possible solutions to the ills that plague thoroughbred racing today.

    I will make one quick declaration:

    JB, as you know, we would love to have you as a TBA participant. Please don’t look at the TBA as dictatorial, militaristic fringe group. We have all banded together for the love of our sport, hoping to see it grow and expand. With the only parameters for participating being posting the HOY standings each week, and making a $50 donation at the end of the year to the winning owners charity of choice, I think you might be able to put some of your pride and distaste for the standings aside, and join the group. If you have such a problem with the way we conduct our rankings system, join us and help be a part of the solution. Let us know constructively and proactively what we can do to perfect it…..that is what we have all joined together to try and accomplish. Strength in numbers my friend, no one person runs or controls the TBA, we are a collective group sharing and feeding off of one another experiences, expertise, and vision.

    In other horse racing news of note, a friend of mine is a writer for The Lowell Sun, and he was kind enough to pass along an advanced copy of his Friday column (review) of a horse racing novel which hasn’t been posted on-line yet. Check back here or the Lowell Sun for his review of the book, William Murray's "Dead Heat". I know Tracy at Turf Luck has been clamoring for horse racing literature, so here’s another option: (search for Paul Daley)
  • Lowell Sun Sports

  • I will reserve any judgment on the new NTRA ads featuring the slogan, “Who Do You Like Today” until I can actually see one or two of them. Initially though, my thoughts are that the focus is all wrong. Again, as passionate as I feel about the marketing and advertising strategies of the NTRA and the thoroughbred world (tracks included) I will hold off on any judgments until I see the actual ads on TV.

    Thanks to for posting a link to a review of the new Breeders’ Cup game for PS2 and X-Box. The review is linked below, and as usual, another good idea is completely flushed down the toilet by poor strategies and execution……just imagine if you could expose a whole generation of gamers to fall in love with horse racing via X-box, or over the computer. It’s really a shame, b/c after a while your continued attempts to penetrate the marketplace just get burned up. It is actually “The Boy that Cried Wolf” syndrome of the marketing world. Read the depressing, but not surprising review here:
  • BC Video Game Review

  • Exactly two weeks from RIGHT NOW, I (and I’m sure many others) will be pouring over the greatest racing form of the year in preparation for the greatest day in horse racing!!

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