Monday, October 10, 2005

Three weeks from today we'll be shoulda, would, coulda-ing and tallying our profits

First off, congrats to Alan @ Left at the Gate who’s baby four-legger made his debut at Belmont on Sunday. Alan gave me the heads up on Highland Cat’s start the day before and although I had plenty of time to get to the “window”, I shied away as I am an avid reader of LatG and knew HC would need at least one start. I did however, listen via NYRA’s streaming capabilities and new right away HC was not making into the winner’s circle. Anyway, HC finished a highly respectable 3rd and I look forward to following his progress over the next few weeks. I will let you know that for starts 2-4, I will def. be placing wagers of some kind. For more info., details, and photos, go here:
  • Left at the Gate

  • In an interesting story in the NY Daily News, New York’s most profitable (and by far its most hospitable) OTB is featured. Now, let me tell you, the Race Palace is…awesome!! It is comfortable, good food, good looking waitresses, with a slew of huge TV’s (with each seat carrying its own private TV). I spent last year’s BC there with “Red” and despite losing my shirt (pants were not lost) I had a great time. I’ve been there several times and believe it is evidence that you CAN make the game exciting, attractive, AND lucrative. To read the story click here:
  • NY's most profitable OTB..and comfy too

  • If you’ll take a minute to scroll down towards the bottom of the page and look on the right hand column, you will see the latest, updated Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance (TBA)Horse of the Year standings. What the heck is the TBA you ask? Tune in tomorrow for more information on a movement to change the face of the thoroughbred industry…….

    And, just in case you are in the 25-37 year old range and always love any type of dirt, gossip and/or news on your favorite “primetime soap opera” of the nineties, please click here: (and enjoy!)
  • 9021-zeros?

  • Finally, ....STONERS REJOICE: The FBI is coming to its senses. Spicoli, you may now enter Quantico
  • Al-Qaeda look out....the FBI is 'smokin'
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