Friday, July 14, 2006

"Good" news day..

So it looks like the Barbaro roller coaster housed at UPenn is back on its way up. That really is great news. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

In other good horsie news, it looks like someone is actually being pro-active in a horse related marketing department:

Drew Walker & Rodney Atkins Bet On The Ponies
CBS RADIO Country )/CHICAGO afternoon stud DREW WALKER will be doing his show live today (3p-7p) with RODNEY ATKINS from the WINDY CITY's gorgeous horse track, ARLINGTON PARK. Country star ATKINS will be on hand to sign autographs, dole out hugs, and teach DREW how to bet a superfecta.

Here is the host's homepage:
Drew Walker

I guess Rodney Atkins is a country music star, although HIS marketing staff might need a little nudge. Doesn't look like there is any mention of his appearance at AP on his site.

And of course, AP makes sure to put it on their site

Is it me, or does it always seem like AP is an island, seemingly always doing the right things when it comes to promotion and marketing?

Just curious.

Apologies for the triteness of this post, I really do hope Barbaro gets through this. If he does, this only adds to his mystique and is only good for the game.

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