Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Looking good Billy Ray....."

Why start with horse racing when I don’t have to? One of my favorite Hollywood ladies had a surprise announcement this morning.

Sorry to say, she is now off the market.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve had this blog for about a year and a half – blogging more regularly over the past 12 months. I thought I had a pretty good grasp of all the horse racing that was available on the internets. Turns out. Wrong.

Looking for nothing in particular, I stumbled onto a "genre specific site."

Has anyone who happens to venture across this abyss of a domain name heard of this site? It is written in a Craigslist style of simplistic usability and is called The Derby List.

It looks like a very basic horse racing message board. Currently, I am in the process of figuring the whole thing out. I sent an email (as directed) to sign up for the mailing list and also gain access to said message board.

What prompted this? One of my favorite sites, due to its scope of coverage, is Equidaily. I always feel like those guys have there finger on the pulse. Do I go EVERYDAY? No. Do they do a great job? Yes. Politics aside, Equidaily is the horse-racing version of The Drudge Report.

Today, Equidaily had on their banner headline: “Anne: "I do have a marketing idea to throw out to you NTRA, DRF, Racetrack Executive types... tracks could have 'Date Day/Night' promotions (bring one with you or meet one there) that includes discounted services, giveaways, drawings from sponsoring local restaurants for a romantic dinner for two, etc."

The "quote" was actually a link that sent you here which then took me here.
It’s amazing how the internets often function as a Blade Runner -esque “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

Currently listening to Widespread Panic's new album, Earth to America. Panic is playing at a very cool local spot that has never hosted an outdoor show before. Should be interesting as showtime is listed for 5:45pm. Hopefully, as the mush weathermen are predicting, it doesn't rain. The forecast calls for a seasonal anonamly "chance of a shower."

If you'll notice, the McMenamins boys have never put on an outdoor show and their site reflects it. McMenamins can be known to be tight-asses at times. I am very curious to see how it goes. If you happen to have a few minutes and have never heard of McMenamins, you should read about the company. They own some really cool venues, but some of thier business philosophies falter as you slide down the ladder of importance with the organization. Everyone has a McMenamins story (or two). They have a specific brand that I assume they are proud of. Some of its practices have rubbed me the wrong way when I was unfrotunately forced to come face to face with them. That story is for another time. It is more enjoyable if you understand more about the McMenamins name brand of business.

Nonetheless, outdoor summer music ranks right up there with box seats for the Derby or a prime seat for The Breeders Cup or hitting the winner's circle for the first time as an owner. This week its Panic in Portland. Next week it's Pearl Jam at one of this countries top 3 outdoor music venues.....

"...feelin' good Louis!"


Tote Board Brad said...

Damnit, you've got to let the masses complete the quote! Great flick.

I don't have a McMenamins story other than always hearing something good or bad about them. Whenever I go to Portland I stay at the Hawthorne Hostel...started staying there in the 90s when it was the 'hood and I had no money, but I still stay there b/c of the [gentrified] hood.

I think the Derby List is old listserv that McChump grew out of from the early 90s. I know the list (and the website you point out) still exists, but I haven't been on it for years and years. Could be unrelated, though.

Ruben Bailey said...

Hawthorne Hostel is pretty cool. I think everyone that sees that place is amazed that it's a hostel.

The show last night was awesome. McMenamins did an amazing job, actually. The venue is super cool and the set-up was really well done.

I stand corrected though, it was not the first show. It was actually the 2nd. Lyle Lovett played their the 9th.