Thursday, July 27, 2006

New TBA Member: another nw knucklehead

Welcome and check out our newest blogging lunatic right here.

Be gentle though, he just suffered what has to be one of the worst losses a horse player can have: the shoulddda, wouldda, couldda that we all dread.

Don't worry, it always comes back around.

At least you've got Jason beat.

Welcome dood!!

1 comment:

Saratoga 2006 said...

Thank you, sir. I very much appreciate the introduction and kind words.

It is a pleasure to be a part of the TBA.

Although I do live in the NW, I hail originally from NJ for 34 of my 37 years...which will come out clearly, I am sure, in my obnoxious postings toward my friend Jason.

You know Jason, right? The guy whose ass is going to be kicked left, right and center all over this contest.

Yeah. That Jason.

LOL...that said, he's a greeat race caller and an even better man.

It's not going to stop me from trying to run away with this thing though. I truly want the bankroll to hit $50,000.

Ha! Dreamer!