Monday, May 07, 2007

Here are the only two photos I took at Churchill for the Derby. Yes, they stink, but all I had was my camera phone.

I forgot to give a posthumous congratulations to the guy standing next to me for the Derby. Somehow he decided to make a $20 Trifecta box, 7-8-2 costing him $120. Needless to say, the rookie grossed a very nice $4400 for his play. I know he knew nothing about handicapping or playing the horses, but sometimes it just doesn't matter.

How fitting was it to have "Let It Ride" be featured on ESPN Classic all day Sunday. With a plane full of Dery fans on their way home, it was great to be able to decompress from an amazing Derby experience by watching Richard Dreyfuss have "a very good day"...all from the comfrot of my Frontier airlines seat.

I think I scared the woman sitting next to me several times with my uncontrollable laughter that probably looked like I was having a mini-seizure. I think I only woke her up twice the entire trip.


Handride said...

Do you have a brother, who does he like, i think it's in the blood

I botched that quote, but it's a great movie.

Those are the WORST photos ever taken.

Ruben Bailey said...

Yes, bad photos. But they look way worse on the AvgHorsePlayer black background.

I say bad, but not the worst.

Let It Ride has taken over for Caddy Shack as my most favoritist movie to quote.