Thursday, May 24, 2007

-There seemed to be an interesting smattering of opinion over my last post regarding "The Hammer." I don't want to slam anybody, especially Hank, I just think it may be time to move on and get away from the over 65-New Yorker gone Florida bit. After all, we are coveting the younger demo, right?

I don't think "The Twins" are the answer either. How about a good mix of Kenny Maynes' and Jeanine Edwards'? Am I asking too much? I don't think so. I think there are capable, enthusiastic, youngish entertainers out there who could do a lot to help boost the image and perception of the sport.

-With all of this commisioner talk going on, I am really excited about having my foot in the door. I am doing my best to try and implement or at least instigate some changes. My goal, at the very least is to inject a new spirit and state of mind into the game....

It may take a while, but I am confident that within 12 months, given the proper amount of lee-way (which I feel like is getting closer and closer ;-)...I will be able to have the positive impact on this sport that I always dreamed of having and all of us having been talking about for over two years now.

Maybe it's a bit polyanna-ish, but I will continue to think this way until I bang my head into enough concrete walls, that I start behaving like Jason Giambi or Clinton Portis.

-Another interesting comment left was from fellow Oregonian photogchic, who brings up a great point about handicapping for/against drug administering trainers (or SUPPOSED drug administering trainers).

I know that when I was living in NY and was playing Belmont/Aqueduct on a fairly regular basis (live, at the track) there was always talk about this hot trainer or that one who was hot for "certain reasons". In those cases I would definitely take it into account. On a more national, expanded betting plan, I tend to not think about it so much. In fact, this is where my cynical side kicks in and my thought process evolves into either, "Hey, they are all probably doing it, so who really cares" (from a race to race wagering standpoint) or the other side of the coin which is my Jai-Alai ethos, "If it's fixed, so what, I don't know who it's fixed for, so I will just go about my normal business". There are really only so many things you can worry about when playing the horses, no?

Do I profess to be a sage in this arena? Absolutely not, but I thought I would throw my two cents in....

-Finally, to maintain my official "blogger status" I've posted some random pics below (hopefully for your enjoyment). And no, most don't have anything to do with the horses....what would Hank say?

Safeco: Mariners vs. Yankees

"Rough Night"

My Chemical Romance: Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Ore.


West Coast Breakfast (think Breeders Cup here)

OTB, Port Authority Bus Station, NYC


Dave Tuley said...

Hey, long time no talk...I can't find an e-mail for you on the site, and I no longer have access to my addy.
Yours truly,
Dave Tuley

Superfecta said...

Perhaps we just need to raise the profile of the TBA at the track -- I think we need to get back to coming up with a t-shirt or something.

I'm happy to take one for the team and wear a little skinny-fit one if that helps!

libby said...

I go to River Downs in summer, Turfway in winter, Keeneland in fall and spring. I want to be a positive force,too. I will wear a t-shirt or do something for the team, too!

Dr. Pauly said...

Nice pics. I started to get into My Chemical Romance after seeing them at Big Day Out in Australia. Good stuff.

Nellie said...

That has to be the most precious puppy (? - I'm assuming) in the world. I had an 85-pound golden who liked to sit on your lap to watch TV with you. You wound up with a stiff neck looking around her.