Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have a question..

...for all of you astute readers, fans and bloggers:

I caught the Barbaro documentary on HBO last week and I was curious if anyone knew exactly why Edgar Prado, wearing the Jackson silks, could be seen with a "Fogelsonger" across the back of his helmet?

Did anyone else catch that? It was a shot of him right after the Preakness disaster and he is walking off the track into the jocks room (or some place else indoors).

I guess the only thing I can think of is that Fogelsonger is a regular rider for the Jackson's and has his name on the only proper, color coordinated helmet/silk.

Did anyone else notice this? Am I going completely crazy?

BTW, I did love the documentary, and I think one of the best things about it was that it was not 2 hours long. 60 minutes was more than enough time to tell the complete story accurately and thoroughly.


Alan H. said...

I caught that too. I couldn't find anything written about it. Ryan Fogelsonger used to be based in Maryland. My guess is that that he rode frequently for the Jacksons and the only Lael silks stored at Pimlico had his name on the cap. I'm sure Edgar Prado wasn't too happy when he was getting suited up before the race. You would think that there would be a little more preparation around the Derby winner's Triple Crown bid.

Warstone said...

Actually when owners send silks to a racetrack usually they do not include a cap since every jockey wears a different size helmet.
Jockeys own different color caps that fit them and they change them according to what silks they race under. That is why in normal races the jockeys caps don't match the silks of the owners.
I think that he did not own one of that particular color or did not have it with him so he did the best he could.

Anonymous said...

Something happened to Prado's helmet so he used Fogelsonger's. This is not a conspiracy. Jockeys use each other's helmets all the time.

Jolene said...


Is that the excuse why our &*&^%$> caps are never seen? I'll never forget our first race of the meet last season, THAT DAY I handed silks and cap to the color room attendant. "Ha! Finally, we'll see the matching cap on our jockey!" I said to myself. "Thay can't lose the cap in 2 hours!" Lo and Behold, 2 hours later, out comes the jockey with a disgustingly uncoordinated cap.

Every owner I know (us included) alwways springs the extra $30 for a cap...I have started telling people I know not to bother. :/