Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Many thanks to Alan of the Bug Boys and Jose of Warstone (both of whom I was able to meet for the first time at The Belmont for answering my question from yesterday. I suppose I could say thank you to Anonymous for his/her input on this, but I don't really get the conspiracy angle floated by him/her. It was just a question. The word conspiracy didn't come up at all with this.... Thanks again for the input (everyone)!

Another shout out goes to Fran at Hoofcare who brought this blog to our attention.

Cool idea. Hopefully it can be executed well. I don't see a direct link to this new blog anywhere on the NTRA site yet. Maybe I'm missing it, and maybe it's just not up yet, but a direct link would be nice and helpful. Publishing comments will be important too. I see a link to make comments, but I don't see if they have been/will be published. Let's wait and see how this one develops...

Which brings me to another blog that I came across HERE.

I am not sure if someone has already reported on this, and I can't remember how I even got there, but it is up and running, as the last post was made 6/16/07. Anyone know anything about it? No comment ability, no links to anywhere and no credit for who put it together. Hopefully this blog will mature and be a helpful, informative site like THIS ONE is.

Here are some photos for the ADD crowd:

Portland Rose Gardens

Belmont Stakes 6/9/07 (view from our seats)
Dark Star Orchestra, Hartford, CT
Would YOU buy fish from this guy?
Random Portland Cowboys Prepare for Something Cowboy-ish
My Nephew, Phred

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