Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Little AvgReDesign

Just thought I would give the site a little freshening up. Still needs to be tweaked around, but thought it was time for some small change.

As an aspiring and 3-for-3 (3-3-0-0) claiming owner (I even got my Calif. Owners license a few weeks back - thanks to TBB for facilitating that process) I found this post over at fellow TBA blog "Owning Racehorses" extremely enjoyable. Congrats to the Grevelis Team!

Owning horses is super fun and a great way to get more folks involved (apologies for stating the obvious)

Great racing coming up this weekend.....


Ted G said...

Ruben - thanks for the mention. I really appreciate it. Drop me a line and let me know the secret of your success!!! I thought we were happy scoring a third first off the claim, but 3-3?!! Yowza. Nice going!

Ruben Bailey said...

Hey Ted...can't say I had much to do with selecting either horse - our man on track advised us, but will definitely take it.

Waiting for the next one to come around.