Thursday, April 03, 2008

Triple Crown dot com?

We were talking about a project here at work the other day, when it was thrown out to me to find a "Triple Crown logo".

Several days later, I was able to locate - here's the link, check it out.

At least it's an American Company that owns the domain,right? I mean, the last time I checked, all three legs of the Triple Crown did take place in the United, ok, maybe it's not.

Ever trusty Wikipedia says,
Also, as of May 21, 2005, the VISA Credit Card company officially withdrew its sponsorship of the U.S. Triple Crown, starting in 2006.[citation needed] It relieves VISA of paying the $5 million bonus to the owner of the horse that wins the Triple Crown. Triple Crown Productions is now sponsoring the races, as of 2006. The $5 million bonus remains intact.

Some[attribution needed] believe VISA withdrew its sponsorship as a result of the New York Racing Association's decision to break with the other two tracks on a television contract. On October 4, 2004, NYRA announced the American Broadcasting Company and ESPN would hold television rights to the Belmont Stakes, breaking from Triple Crown Productions' deal with NBC Sports[citation needed]. NBC Sports holds the broadcasting rights to the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes until 2010. Triple Crown Productions was formed in 1986 with ABC; prior to that, the individual racing associations made their own deals with the TV networks (ABC and CBS).

Ahhh, so Triple Crown Productions is now in charge of "The Triple Crown". Those guys should have something I can use.....

Let's see what my Google-machine search turns up for Triple Crown Productions: GOOGLE SEARCH FOR TRIPLE CROWN PRODUCTIONS All righty then now we're getting somewhere....Google tells me there is something called, "Triple Crown Challenge", (Carmen SanDiego would be proud) Check out this informative, interactive, 2008-ready website that comes up as the #1 search when looking for "Triple Crown".

A quick Google of the contact phone number listed gives the following results

You know what? I'm exhausted already. Clearly this was a fruitless effort. However, in my quest to live a more positive life, it is the unbelievable "upside potential" of this sport that makes me super excited to wake up everyday and use my brain to assist in bringing this industry up to the top - Where everybody is a winner.

If anyone has (or knows of) a 2008 Triple Crown logo, please feel free to send it along or direct me towards it.

UPDATED: So maybe I'm a little rusty at this blogging thing after being away for a while. I did see there was an email address at the bottom and the domain is hmmmm. Instead of bitching and leaving it out in the ether, I've reached out via email to see who is on the other end. Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel after all...


QQ said...

This is not my area of expertise, but, what the heck, I'll give it a try.

I'd start at TESS , the Trademark Electronic Search System where you can search for -- you guessed it! -- trademarks, both living and dead. (Seriously, the records will indicate whether the trademark is still registered.)

Here's a link to one of the many, many results for a search on "triple crown": Triple Crown.

Not all of the online records include a picture of the design of the mark; for that, I'd suggest a call or visit to your nearest Patent and Trademark Depository Library; there's a list of these libraries here.

I suspect that the friendly, wise, and wonderful librarians at your public library will be ever so helpful as they assist you with your search. And some of them might even have a Racing Form hidden under their desk calendars. (OK, I might be the only one who does that...)

Ruben Bailey said...

Thanks, Tracey.

How stoked would I be if I was talking to my local librarian and peeked over her desk and happened to see a form tucked under Jane Austen??

Superfecta said...

I've just spent the morning talking racing with my fellow archivists (and exchanging tips for the future wager) - I'd be all for including a 'racing reference' course as an MLS elective!

Anonymous said...

I found a Triple Crown logo (the horse racing TC...right?) at When you click on the
'2007 Triple Crown Pin Set', a picture of the items will come up. One of the pins is (I think) the TC logo.