Friday, July 01, 2005

So Long, Farewell....

Not forever though!!

Of course we have the 3 day weekend, and I will be extending that to take a few days off to venture down to Lake Tahoe for some music and gambling. Will be hitting the sports book for all kinds of action (Do I really FINALLY get to bet Monmouth Park?)

Will be checking out 2 nights of Widespread Panic at Caesars and as I ALWAYS do (YES, THIS IS A RULE!) the first Roulette table I see upon entering Caesars, I will lay down some coin on 2 & 14. That will set the tone for the entire "weekend"...

Until then, I leave you all in good hands with our friends at Railbird (she'll be returning from vacation), Oregon Racing, Left at the Gate, Katrina, and Patrick keeping you up to date on anything and everything horses.

Have a great 4th everyone!!

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