Monday, August 15, 2005

Good Days Ahead....

So my Grand Reward/Artie Schiller theory bombed out, but I was certainly on in predicting Powerscourt’s solid showing. Def. knew KJ was going to be their but at almost even-money, that was no surprise. I didn’t think 49-ers Son would be in the mix, but hey, that’s why they run the races!!

Overall a really great weekend to watch the horsies.

Got a chance to watch a new documentary put out by Pony Highway Productions called “On the Muscle.” It is one DVD divided into 3, one-hour “episodes” following the Richard Mandella barn in 2003. My review of the film will be posted later on today, as I need to put some finishing touches on it. My thanks to Bill and Robin for making the DVD available to me prior to today's public release date.

One quick story that I thought you might be interested in (b/c I am).

I usually like to combine my vices, so I am not sure where this leaves me…..

  • Gambling and Alcoholism May Have Different Roots
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