Tuesday, August 30, 2005

When (and where) Will It End...

I know, I know. I should have posted at least once after one of the biggest and best weekends of horse racing since the Kentucky Derby. Chalk it up to laziness. That's all. These past few days I've been the Chekhov of the blogging world...

Instead of talking horses right now, I need to vent about something else: THESE RIDICULOUS GAS PRICES...

For some reason, I was riding the bus to work today and I noticed the price of gas...$2.71 for regular. I get into work and BAM! the price of oil goes over $70 a barrel. When are we as citizens of this country going to take a stand on this?

It seems we have lost all self control when it comes to this issue and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Don't you feel like the price of gas/oil is just sucking the life out from under you? How did we become such silent sheep in this process? We fuel this entire economy (Def. no pun intended), we are in control!

I am just at wits end AND I DON'T EVEN AN OWN A CAR!

Do you, Joe and Jane America want to be paying 4,5,6 dollars a gallon? I do realize folks need to drive to work and this country has been set-up to be run by the auto industry. But we need to start doing little things. Car-pooling, tele-commuting (when possible) ANYTHING!! We really just can't sit by idly (again, no pun intended) and watch our hard earned income going up in fumes.

This is an important time in our world. Where are we going with this? What is the ceiling? What are we going to do about it? What CAN we do?

Click the link below for what I think is the best solution to date. It may or may not work, but until everyone is able to completely forgo their automobiles, this may have to suffice.
  • California Watches Hawaii's Effort to Cap Gasoline Prices
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