Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lost in Some Kind of Fog

Can you believe Lost in the Fog is 1-5 on the morning line? This is by far my favorite horse right now. I don’t see how he can lose in the King’s Bishop on Saturday (which by the way is on ESPN-which is just great-from 5-7pm EST).

I figure ‘Fog will go off closer to $.05 on the dollar than $.20. Either way he is the one to beat. I think it will be Fog, then “The Daddy” and a semi sentimental choice “Fusaichi Samurai”-by another one of my all-time favorite horses Fusaichi Pegasus (even though his dull off the board finish in the 2003 BC Classic cost me a pretty nice Pick-3). I think the 2 tri box, while also putting The Daddy on top is a nice way to play this race.

So the good news is there are 3 races from Saratoga on Sat. being broadcast on ESPN. As not having daily access to TVG, anytime the networks broadcast the horsies, I am extremely excited. So that’s the good news.

The bad news is, I’ll be in St. Helens, Oregon at the 1st Annual Shakedown Fest watching such musical acts as: Les Claypool, Jerry Joseph (one of my personal favs), Skerik (look it up), Robert Walter, Mickey Hart and Particle (aka-Hydra), and the enigmatic Michael Franti and Spearhead. I have been working on the PR for this festival for a few months now and it is finally time for it to arrive. It is three days, but I think I will only be going all day Saturday. I have some extra tickets (comp) so if anyone is reading this and want a free pair, just email me!!

-I want to give a sentimental “shout out” to my friend “The Kayceman” as he has some family issues currently embroiling his life. I only hope for the best for he and his family.

-Bob Huggins out as Cincinnati’s head basketball coach…..Must be nice to be offered a $3 million dollar buyout. He will be getting $110k a month for the next three months to “ease the pain of transition.” Oh really? Ease the pain? Sure his ego is bruised, but he will be picked up by ESPN/FSN to be a somewhat controversial analyst, and he will happily hit the course (golf) everyday, and actually live a semi-normal/relaxed life. The guy needs it after suffering a heart attack at too young of age two years ago.

-If you are in the area of DCel Mar this weekend, be sure to stop by Best Pal Pub Patio by the Paddock from Noon-1:30pm to meet Trainer Richard Mandella and filmmakers Bill Yahraus and Robin Rosenthal. You’ll remeeber, Yarhaus and Rosenthal just released “On the Muscle” a three-part documentary following Mandella and his barn. If you haven’t already, please check the review I did two posts down.

That’s all for now. Looking forward to catching “The Aristocrats” this weekend as it finally makes its debut in P-Town.

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