Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Insanity Amidst Devastation..

Thanks to FatboyRoberts for pointing this out:

  • White people "Find" their food:

  • Black people "Loot" their food:

    Jolene said...

    I saw this image earlier today and was really startled, too...but upon further inspection, someone pointed out that one photo and caption is from the Associated Press, the other is from France's version. Perhaps there was a translation issue?

    Ruben Bailey said...

    It IS possible. But racism certianly is not strictly an American ideal. So wherever the text came from, I still think it stands on its own and is pretty powerful and telling.

    Jolene said...

    Oh, certainly, racism isn't relegated to some corners of the US alone. I just wonder if there isn't a french word for "loot", is more what I was getting at when I mentioned a "translation" french is very basic, but I don't know an appropriate replacement for that word (Nor do I know a proper replacement for the word "organic", which created a really awkward situation once, but I digress). Just a guess, in hoping for the best possible answer. Of course, the more sinister possibility could be true as well.

    The good news is, the caption was changed almost immediately...someone was just savvy enough to think to save it while it was in its original version. By noon I think I had been forwarded the original image by three different people, and more in my inbox this the most inoccuous, its a fairly hefty faux pas and should have been caught by a stateside editor. At worst, its some pretty serious bigotry.

    The even better news is, the outrage over the captions shows that Americans are paying attention to race matters. That's important.

    Ruben Bailey said...

    Well put.