Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hopefully Things are Improving

This clearly is a shitty time for everyone in our country. I realize things must move forward, but it seems insensitive and somewhat boorish to look at the front of local newspapers sports sections et. al.

The Oregonian for instance, today has zero about anything Katrina relate above the fold. They do address the issue of Oregon/New Orleans related athletes FINALLY at the bottom of the page.

I am so incensed at how our government seems to have just let folks wilt away under horrid conditions. I won’t get political and go all anti-Bush here. I will however blast the ENTIRE government for letting people, American citizens in their own land wallow in their own waste, sweat, blood, and anger.

The only good news is that FINALLY people, money, and supplies seem to be making their way south.

On that note, thanks to Alan from Left at the Gate for pointing out that Evangeline Downs will be donating ALL proceeds from their Sunday night card to the local Red Cross chapter.

Our small family of horse bloggers are trying to put together our own contribution to that cause. As Alan deftly pointed out, “We can even win money and it still helps!!”.

Stay tuned here and to the other blogs (linked to the right) for more info. on what we are planning.

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