Monday, September 26, 2005

Do you remember James "Buddy" Ryan?

Did you see the article about the former a-hole NFL Coach who tried to punch out a fellow assistant coach during a game, placed a bounty on opposing players, and devised the famous “46 defense”, who has been humbly “mellowed” by the horses?

As a life-long NY Giant and NFL fan, there could not have been a more despised enemy than one James “Buddy” Ryan. From his smothering “46 Defense” of the 1985 Bears to his obnoxious, cocky demeanor as a head coach, Ryan did not care to make friends whilst assuming coaching duties during his 30 year career in the National Football League.

I will never forget his absurd tantrum at fellow assistant coach Kevin Gilbride (now with my NY Giants ironically enough) on the sidelines during a game in 1994. At the time, Ryan was serving as Def. Coordinator for the Oilers, while Gilbride headed up the Oilers offense. After the Oilers’ offense fumbled yet again in an error filled game, Ryan proceeded to attack Gilbride on the sidelines hurling insults and throwing punches.

I came across the following article and was delighted to read that Mr. Ryan HAS mellowed and I no longer the pompous-ass tough guy he once purported to be. This “new” Buddy Ryan owes a large part of his new found psyche to the horses. Once again, the horsies do more than attract money for gambling. These are the types of stories that I love to read.

Take a minute to read through this short article I found on Thoroughbred Times’ site and let me know what you think.

  • Buddy Ryan Finds Peace with the Horsies
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