Friday, September 23, 2005

I am done complaining and whining to the three folks that come here...

So, what does one do when do when he/she is not able to sit down and come up with coherent, entertaining (at least sometimes), pertinent content for one’s blog? Send you, the loyal reader to sites that will hopefully sate and satisfy your every need for quality literary entertainment.(Sorry for the incorrect links. They have all been corrected now that I am not watching TV, chatting with my girlfriend AND trying to write this blog!)

For a look at the troubled times and twisted logic that comes with being a thoroughbred horse owner, go here:
  • Left at the Gate

  • To feel the true joy of being an avid fan and following your passions from “Sea to Shining Sea,” go here:
  • Pulling Hair Betting Horses

  • If you can’t remember the feeling of your first year falling in love with this beautiful game, go here:
  • Turf Luck

  • If you would like to know the psychology and philosophy of the gambling mind, go here:
  • RailBird

  • And, if you just want to know about horse racing in the Pacific Northwest, go here:
  • Oregon Racing
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