Thursday, September 15, 2005

Can I Have Your Attention Please...

For those of you counting at home it’s 44 days until the Breeder’s Cup. For the stat monkeys (and degenerates like myself) that means: 1056 hrs. or 63,360 minutes, or 3,801,600 seconds.
  • Breeder's Cup

  • This Friday and Saturday the OTBA Mixed Thoroughbred sale will be taking place at Oakhurst Farm in Newberg, OR. I am beyond excited to attend my first ever sale and look forward to meeting Jolene and Michael-proprietors of Oregon Racing News. I wonder if the entire sale will top $9.7 mil.-the price Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum paid for a Storm Cat/Tranquility Lake yearling at Keenland the other day.
  • OTBA Mixed Sale

  • Oregon Racing News

  • Storm Cat Colt gets $9.7 mil.

  • Does anyone know the details of Ralph Siraco’s departure from The Las Vegas Sun? I read his final column the other day and it was hard to figure out if he was a) let go, b)the paper completely changed or c)they just eliminated turf coverage. If anyone has any insight I am all ears.
  • Ralph Siraco's Final Column

  • I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful, busy time of the year. I have not forgotten about the Katrina victims but it seems as if things are beginning to work themselves out for everyone involved. The true American spirit shined once we (the people) were able to penetrate the façade of bureaucratic mish-mosh. Shame on our government for letting our own people down. Cheers to the American people for showing the world and our own neighbors and friends that the people are not necessarily (rarely even) represented by hateful, lying, arrogant leaders.

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