Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How dope is this...

As I was brutally hung over waiting for my connection flight in Dallas on Sunday, I picked up a stray sports section from the Star-Telegram (Dallas/Ft.Worth).

First of all, what a GREAT overall sports section they have. This thing just towers over and stomps on my Oregonian.

However, one thing stood out at me (the dope comment) and here is the link.

"You want fries with your bet?"

Have you ever heard of drive through betting windows? What a fantastic idea!! I know my peeps in the greater NYC area would love this idea. To me, this is one of those quirky marketing ideas that makes me believe horseracing CAN have a bright future with just a little creativity.


Tote Board Brad said...

I know they've had the drive thru window at Keeneland for a long time and they've got one at Churchill, too.

I gotta say, the article pissed me off, though. The editor should have added "(sic)" to the quote where the bettor said he was a martini guy and makes them with Kettle One.

How many times do I have to say it? MARTINIS ARE MADE WITH GIN!

Ruben Bailey said...


I did not know other places have the drive-thru betting windows.

See? Another great untold horse racing story that is intruiging (sp?) to the general public!

kentucky joe said...

I gotta get out more....I guess I am spoiled and naiive (although a bit long in the tooth for either) but I thought every track had this....The drive thrus at Keeneland are really great....staffed mostly by retirees supplementing those monthly checks or just keeping busy, they all love the ponies and are ready to chat if you are not in a hurry and gas prices be damned cause rule #1 is turn off your car when you get to the booth!

Ruben Bailey said...

This is amazing. I love that this goes on fairly regularly. Maye I'll petition the ORC so I can open up a booth next year. Maybe a cup of cofee and an exacta?