Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Who will win the Preakness?

-Welcome Back Kotter is etched in my memory like so many of the 70's and 80's sit-coms that permeated my brain for so many childhood hours. Who knew the glory that was Mr. Kah-TARE, Arnold Horshak, Epstien and of course Vinny Barbarino only lasted three seasons. If you read the imdb link in the previous post you might have noticed this tidbit:

"The writing was great. The timing was awesome. The theme song by John Sebastian is breathtaking. The show was purely magical in its first few seasons.

There were problems, as life deals us sometimes.

Gabe Kaplan's lack of involvement in the show's fourth and final season was just one of the many problems which doomed the show. The writing in that final season was sloppy, unrealistic, unfunny, and was so amateurish. Another major problem with that show in the fourth season was that the actors who played the Sweathogs. The problem with actors playing teenagers is that they were older than teenagers when they began portraying those characters. To prepare to portray teens, they had to learn how to be teenagers again. It worked in the early days.

However, by the time the fourth season had arrived, the actors had matured and developed as adults where they were getting too old to portray teenagers anymore. They also did not look like teenagers, either. Let's not forget John Travolta and his blossoming as a movie star. These factors led to the demise of the series.

The series was about a concept so fresh, people in this modern era can relate to it even more now than they could back in the 70's."

I thought John from Southfield, MI summed that up nicely.

-As far as beverages go for Saturday, I obviously got this from our dear friend Quinella Queen a week ago, but it is certainly worth passing around as many times as possible. As far as drink comparisons, the Black-Eyed Susan sounds much better than any mint-julep I've ever had. Here is the actual recipe, but feel free to revisit QQ's post from May 10th for full, original effect.

-Is it possible to predict this far in advance?

from everything I am hearing and feeling around the paddock it seems that Barbaro is as close to a sure thing as any 3-5 shot 3 yr. old is.

my emotions are mixed. on one hand, it would be cool if there was FINALLY a triple crown winner. However, at the same time, my visions cannot help put the past few years behind me. It seems so anti-climactic at this point.

For the past few years we have "this is the next great horse" + "is this the next triple crown winner?"

I think my senses are dulled. I want Barbaro to lose to either Sweetnorthernsaint or Brother Derek. Two quality horses that if they should upset Matz' current star, can certainly be appreciated. I think that would set up a great Belmont where a lot of quality horses would be entered thinking they had a shot and would see a nice full, competitive Belmont field. Not unlike the Derby field.


Tote Board Brad said...

Have you been to any of the fairs? I'm dying to make it to Grants Pass, and especially Tillamook. I talked with Jerry Weaver, who barn is right next to my trainer Jamey Thomas's as Golden Gate and he told me great stories of running there in the 70s. In one race he won the totality of the purse was an enormous block of cheese.

Ruben Bailey said...

Funny you should mention that, Brad. I am in the midst of making Memorial Day Weekend plans and rightnow it is between going north to Washington Vineyards & Emerald Downs, or south to see friends in Ashland which would lead to a visit to Grants Pass Downs.

I've never been to any Oregon Fairs, but I hear they are super fun. So, I am secretly rooting for the soutrher trip as I've never been to Ashland and def. want to check out GPD.

The decision is out of my hands, but either way I win.