Friday, May 19, 2006


Oy. Somehow I have the feeling that Bernadini will be the Preakness' version of SNS from two weeks ago.

With everyone scrambling for value, it looks like Bernadini is the fashionable pick.

The big question in my mind is what will the final odds look like? Will Brother Derek drift upwards from his expected 2-1ish price? What will the late-money-taking SNS finish up at? Will Vinny Barbarino go off at less than Even Money?

It almost sounds like the last scene of the old Batman TV show....."tune in next time (The Preakness) to find out if Modest Michael Matz can overcome the media squeeze.....Can our Italian Named favorite break the Even money Like Now, like fast enough? Tune in this Saturday as Terrible Tom Hammond (terrible as in terrible makeup/facelift) guides us along the slippery slope of the middle leg of the Triple Crown (brought to you by YUM!"

Now back to reality.

In a perfect world I would like to see Bernadini somewhere around or above 8-1 and Brother Derek no worse than 5/2 just to have some real action. I don't think either of those is a reality, though.

Do I think Vinny Barbarino is going to lose? No. Did I bet him? No. Did I even include him in my three-horse exacta box? You guessed it. Negative.

I like 1. Brother Derek 2. Bernadini 3.Diabolical in a three-horse exacta box and a cheap tri-box.

What fun is it to use Vinny B. in the mix here unless I was working with straight tris or supers?

My prediction is that Barbarino wins by about 2 1/4 and a nice fat priced horse comes out on top in the Belmont June 10th.

We back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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