Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Long time no winnings...

“It's hard to read about people struggling when they have no desire to actually improve their current conditions and live more in the moment. A lot of people who blog are lost souls hoping to connect with other lost souls. Sometimes they get lucky. But even the lucky ones are lonely at the core.”

I was going to begin my first post since ‘nam with something else, but I came across this quote pulled from Pauly’s blog. Interesting how that guy messes with my mind constantly. Pulls me quickly from joy to sorrow, then hurriedly back to pain and frustration and finally a little relief. Good writer that guy is.

I never did make it to a computer to post my Derby picks. That isn’t to say I haven’t checked out everyone else’s picks. The Derby was super fun to watch and be a part of from the fans perspective. I didn’t and wouldn’t have had Barbaro, I liked Point D. So much for that.

From Thursday through Sunday I was down in New Orleans for JazzFest and was unable to pull myself out of bed Saturday until 6pm. Between the Derby and my extremely limited sleep time, I decided to forgo a second day at the Fairgrounds in order to immerse myself in my passion – horses.

New Orleans is fucked up. Sorry to say. It is a sad, depressing place and I blame the federal government. All partisanship aside, Dem. or Rep. What the fed has done (or lacktherof) with just an incredible city is disgusting and disgraceful.

How do you abandon a great American city? All you see around town is abandonment of not just homes or streets, but ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOODS boarded up and left to rot. Obscenely sad. I strongly believe it is every American’s duty to go down there and visit. It is worth your time and money to visit first hand.

Instead of me going into more detail, just read these two quick recent articles about “famous people” experiencing New Orleans. These folks have seen it and their observations are not hyperbole or exaggeration.

Article #1
Article #2


John said...

Thanks for the real world update on New Orleans. From what you saw do you think Fairgrounds can survive with the city is such a state?

Ruben Bailey said...

Hey John,

Thanks for the input/question. I am going to address your question in a new post tomorrow. It really is a good question that you pose.