Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Back from LaLa Land

I know, it's so cliche, to call LA "LaLa Land" but it really is. Just returned from my first ever trip to Southern California and you're g-dam right I went to Santa Anita.

Despite cool temps and some rain (it OPENED up just after the 7th race with hail and pouring rain for about 10 minutes) 10,000+ showed up for a day of Saturday racing that included the Santa Margarita Invitational Handicap.

I blew through a few bucks despite hitting a couple of races. My bigeest disapointment, but also my best learning experience of the day was the Santa Margarita and the last race of the day.

I failed to capitalize on an 8-1 horses for courses winner. Healthy Addiction ($19.40) was 4-4-0 in NINE tries at Santa Anita and wound up going gate to wire. DOH!!! Although, I did have him as a saver on a double ticket that didn't include 9th race 1st timer Gunslick who I liked due to his last workout being "Hg"- a friend had disuaded me and I failed to even invest $2 which would have returned $378 - DOH!!!

-In other news, if anyone is looking for a job, there seems to be one open here (thanks to Equidaily)- please feel free to use me as a reference.

-Yes, I know I am late with this, but I am a lazy, busy, somewhat disgruntled person theses days, but CONGRATS to "GrandStandGabe" who was recently named as River Downs' TA for the spring meet. Read all about it here. Feel free to send your best. I meant to post something last week, but got lazy and our good friends over at Oregon Racing beat me to the punch via DRF.
Good luck Jason!!

-And finally, for my Final Four picks, I have not gone out on too much of a limb but here ya go:
DUKE, UCONN, VILLANOVE, MARQUETTE. Yes, THREE Big East Teams. I am really sold on the fact that the Big East was the best conference by far this year.

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