Friday, March 17, 2006

World Record KO

Since posting a personal record for earliest unofficial elimination from an NCAA Tournament Pool(s) with a horrific loss by a Final Four selection of Marquette, I am shifting gears to picking individual games.

Friday's Games:

Texas(-15) vs. Penn: In a recent conversation with an Ivy League Coach friend of mine, he was actually unable to express enough how overatted this Pennsylvania team is. Not even close to being on par with some highly formidable recent Penn/Princeton squads. (2 units-TEXAS)

California(+1.5) vs. N.C. State: No one believes the Pac-10 is an all around shitty confenrece this year more than I do, but there is a lot that can be said for the high caliber of roster players and coaches from the top two teams from this conference (Cal & UCLA). DO NOT sleep on Cal's amazing Leon Powe. The sophomore averaged 21 pts. and 10 boards a game. I love GETTING points in this one. (1 unit Cal.)

Georgetown(-4) vs. Northern Iowa: Puh-leez! The Big East? Georgetown running Princeton style offense with coach John Thompson III? I love this game. I would be shocked to see an upset here even though it is #7 vs. #10. (1 unit G'town)

Michigan St. (-4) vs. George Mason: My Hofstra Flying Dutchmen/Pride got screwed out of a bid coming out of the CAA. George Mason lost twice to the Dutchmen/Pride in the final two weeks of the season. Now they are supposed to stay within 4 points of one of the best coached teams in the nation? Experienced Big Ten talent, size and coaching should be plenty to cover the four points (1 unit MSU)

Enjoy today's games. As I told a friend earlier this morning: "I'm not rooting for anyone in particular. Just hoping for the largest amount of amazing games."

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