Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yes, I know this is a horse racing blog...

I do realize that this is a thoroughbred horse racing blog, or a thoroughbred horse blog, or just simply a horse blog, but sometimes it is necessary to address issues outside of the life at (and around) the track. This is what keeps our touting senses freshened. I liken it to "turning horses out on the farm". Bettors can build up fatigue just as much as any over-used immature 3-yr. old fresh off of the derby trail (see High Limit). So sometimes, we need to journey off of the thoroughbred path and into some fantasy worlds that freshen our minds for the touting tasks that lie ahead.

With that, please enjoy this review of the upcoming Sopranos season on HBO. Don't worry, nothing to important is revealed that might ruin for anyone.

  • New Season of Sopranos Reviewed
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