Friday, March 17, 2006

Pretty sure what to think about this...

Does anyone else get as riled up over this as I do? Maybe I am a bit disgruntled, unhappy, detached, stifled and a bit lazy, but this truly pisses me off.

BTW, I NEVER click on anymore. "Why? Because F*ck them, that's why."(Name the movie from which I lifted that uncreatvie little quote)


alan said...

I loved Matt Stone's response to Isaac Hayes:

Hayes claimed he couldn't stand by while "South Park" made fun of religion, but Stone pointed out that Hayes had cashed plenty of checks while the show made fun of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

And how does Cruise get all these beautiful women to marry him when everyone knows that he's gay?

Anonymous said...

The movie is Goodwill Hunting, but the line is actually "Why? Because F*ck him, that's why."

Not them...him, in reference to his evil, abusive stepfather.

Ruben Bailey said...

Alan: $$$$$$

Anon: VERY nice work. Thanks for playing!!